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I have been a patient of Dr Ebanks for approximately 2 years and I would like to thank him for being my Podiatrist and taking care of my feet. I am a diabetic and it is very important that my feet are properly manicured and taken care of.

Dr. Ebanks has demonstrated excellent bedside manners and is very sensitive and kind. He is always pleasant and willing to listen and advise me on the best possible care for my feet. Dr. Ebanks' office is very efficient in giving each patient exemplary time, service and getting the patient out in a reasonable time.

Due to the professionalism his office demonstrates towards me, I will certainly recommend family and friends to the practice. Thanks again to Dr. Ebanks and his staff for the exemplary service.

Irene B. Griffin

A patient of Dr. Ebanks recommended his services to me but it was after seeing his name advertised in a local publication that I decided to give his office a call. The office was able to schedule my visit within a very short time frame. I had problems with my feet after a fall and due to Dr. Ebanks' attention and care, my feet healed satisfactorily to the extent that I was able to undertake a very long journey, driving. Dr. Ebanks remains my foot and ankle physician as he knows what to do and my feet are in are in a very good shape. I am happy to recommend Dr. Ebanks to anyone.

Grace Anderson

At the time of my first visit to see Dr. Ebanks, I was in danger of losing my leg. Dr. Ebanks attended to the care of my feet and stayed patiently with me for over a year to ensure it was healed and I got well. He is a very good Doctor and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ebanks to anyone seeking the services of a Podiatric Doctor.

Thomas Yarbrough

Dr. Ebanks did surgery on my toes and he did an awesome job as they are looking wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Ebanks to everyone and in fact have been doing so, by handing out his business cards. He is very respectful, caring, understanding and in fact funny and just lovely to deal with.

Margarita Maldonado

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Ebanks. He was able to get my wound to heal quickly and got me back to work. All I had to do was to follow his directions. I am very pleased to have him as my foot Doctor.

Uvaldo Sanchez

Dr. Ebanks has been my Doctor for a number of years. Recently I had surgery on my foot for a bunion and two hammer toes. On the day of my surgery every nurse told me "Dr. Ebanks is a pleasure to work with, he is always here ahead of surgery to prepare the room and see the patients. He is always professional in every regard."

My Surgery went well and recovery was exactly as he instructed me ahead of time. Dr. Ebanks gave me realistic guidelines about recovery, and following his instructions I had no discomfort or pain.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Ebanks for all of your foot and ankle problems.

Dr. Mary Starling
Avon Park, Florida

I am very pleased with Dr. Ebanks. He has saved my toes. I first saw him a few days before Christmas in 2009, when I was not able to get in to see another Podiatrist at that time. Since then I continue to see Dr. Ebanks for all my foot problems including sourcing my diabetic shoes through him. Although I may use more gas to travel to see Dr. Ebanks, it is well worth it because he treats me very good and I am very happy with his service.

James Mullings

I am pleased to recommend Dr. Paul Ebanks for those that need podiatry surgery. Actually, I've already told several people that he is a fantastic surgeon. Not only is he a Fellow and a Diplomate, he is exceedingly careful and kind.

Dr. Ebanks performed surgery on my right smallest toe this July (2012), which was very successful. I am looking forward to having the same procedure on my left baby toe in a few months. With Dr. Ebanks' help I may be able to wear closed shoes again one day!

Dr. Ebanks' office staff is very friendly, kind, and helpful as well. I knew that I had the right surgeon the first day I met Dr. Ebanks. We are lucky to have him and his staff in Highlands County.

Barbara J. Baker.

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